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Jack Kelly

Primary Affiliation: McGill University - Montreal, QC, Canada
AES Member Type: Student
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Jack Kelly has been an active recording engineer and musician since 2008. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Electroacoustic Studies at Concordia University, where he graduated with distinction. He went on to earn a Master's degree in sound recording at McGill University under professors Richard King, George Massenburg, Wieslaw Woszczyk, Martha DeFrancisco, and Steven Epstein. As a freelance engineer, Jack specializes in recording classical music. He has worked with notable artists for labels such as Polyhymnia, Analekta, Atma Classics, Deutsche Grammophon, and the National Film Board of Canada. As a researcher, Jack is currently a Ph.D candidate in sound recording at McGill University. His research investigates the use/perception of spatial reverberation in immersive classical music production. Other areas of interest include 3D music recording techniques, electroacoustic measurement, audio for VR, and gestural control for 3D audio.

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Session List

Oct 17: P10: Spatial Audio, Part 1
Subjective Assessment of the Versatility of Three-Dimensional Near-Field Microphone Arrays for Vertical and Three-Dimensional Imaging (Author)

Oct 17: P12: Posters: Room Acoustics
A Novel Spatial Impulse Response Capture Technique for Realistic Artificial Reverberation in the 22.2 Multichannel Audio Format (Author)

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