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Ohad Barak

Ohad Barak

Primary Affiliation: Mentor Graphics - Mountain View, CA, USA

I started my academic career in Geophysics in seismic exploration. Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Tel-Aviv University, and Ph.D from Stanford. I did most of my work on integrating new modalities of seismic motion sensing into the field of seismic data processing for subsurface imaging, and combined machine learing methodologies along with other methods for separating particular wave modes in seismic data.
I've recently turned to the field of autonomous driving audio perception, which includes many elements common to the audio world such as audio scene classification and event detection, with the extra challenge of being on a moving platform in a dynamic environment. I can't think of anything more fun to fill my bio with!

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Oct 17: P09: Posters: Applications in Audio
Audio Data Augmentation for Road Objects Classification by an Artificial Neural Network (Author)

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