AES New York 2019 Presenter or Author

Hannes Dieterle

Hannes Dieterle

Primary Affiliation: SCHOEPS Mikrofone GmbH - Karlsruhe, Germany
AES Member Type: Associate

While studying Electronic Audio Engineering at TU and KUG Graz, Hannes Dieterle was already employed as an intern in the R&D facility of the German microphone manufacturer SCHOEPS. There he wrote his Master’s thesis about a Beamforming project together with the SPSC institute at TU Graz. Before that, Hannes worked as an audio engineer in the Jazz studio of KUG Graz as well as a freelance engineer and musician.
Hannes is now an R&D Engineer for Electroacoustics at SCHOEPS. His main projects there focus on Transducer Design, Acoustical Measurement, Product Management and 3D-Audio. Next to his work in the company the trained musician can be seen on stage from time to time on Live Electronics together with the Munich based Jazz ensemble “Monika Roscher Bigband”.

Session List

Oct 18: EB1: Recording and Production
Why Microphone Arrays Are Not Better than Single-Diaphragm Microphones with Regard to Their Single Channel Output Quality (Author)

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