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Wesley Bulla

Wesley Bulla

Primary Affiliation: Belmont University - Nashville, TN, USA
AES Member Type: Member

Wesley has published in AudioMedia-USA, -Europe, and -Asia, Mix Magazine, Hearing Review, J-PAS, J-MEIEA, and J-AES. He holds a B.M. (performance), a M.M.E. (music education), and a Ph.D. in Hearing Science with specialty in perceptual auditory research from the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Wesley’s engineering and production credits include most notably producer-mix engineer for the critically acclaimed recordings of Carl Loewe's Grand Duo for Violin & Piano (Op. 80) and Julius Rontgen's Sonata in E Major (Premier Recordings, NY), associate producer and recording engineer for award-winning songwriter Jill Colucci “No Regrets” (Liberty Records Songwriter Series), and quality control engineer for the Grammy Award winning Hank Williams, “The Complete Hank Williams” boxed set (Mercury-Polygram Records). Wesley produced and recorded the Dove award-winning “In Bright Mansions” (Curb Records) featuring the world-renown Fisk University Jubilee Singers. He is currently a Professor of Audio Engineering serving as Director of the M.S. Audio Engineering program in the Curb College at Belmont University, Nashville TN.

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Session List

Oct 16: P06: Posters: Audio Signal Processing
Distortion Modeling of Nonlinear Systems Using Ramped-Sines and Lookup Table (Author)
Detection of the Effect of Window Duration in an audio Source Separation Paradigm (Author)

Oct 17: P07: Perception
An Attempt to Elicit Horizontal and Vertical Auditory Precedence Percepts without Pinnae Cues (Author)

Oct 19: P16: Posters: Spatial Audio
A Qualitative Investigation of Soundbar Theory (Author)

Oct 19: P18: Posters: Perception
Preference for Harmonic Intervals Based on Overtone Content of Complex Tones (Author)
Just Noticeable Difference for Dynamic Range Compression via “Limiting” of a Stereophonic Mix (Author)

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