AES New York 2019
Game Audio & XR Track Event GA14

Friday, October 18, 1:30 pm — 2:30 pm (1E17)

Game Audio & XR: GA14 - Just Cause 4 OST: Creative Collaboration

Zach Abramson, YouTooCanWoo

Just Cause 4’s massive soundtrack incorporates many different styles, sounds, and strategies crafted by composer Zach Abramson and a team of friends at their small studio in Brooklyn, NY. A collaborative approach was developed between Abramson, his team in Brooklyn and the audio department at Avalanche Studios across the East River in Manhattan, which led to stronger ideas and results that would have been difficult to achieve if working alone.

This presentation will provide an in-depth analysis of ways composers and audio teams can work together to better interpret creative briefs, design pillars, and game mechanics informing a soundtrack’s aesthetic as well as its technical design. From there, the discussion will continue into the various approaches used to achieve these results, ranging from broad topics like creative decision-making down to specific production techniques. These approaches directly relate to how composers can rely on a team to help mitigate the struggles of working in difficult environments like New York City, where workspaces and time often come at a premium.

Attendees will learn different composition techniques and how these various approaches relate to big concepts in video game scores, as well as real-world tips for how to collaborate effectively in a fast-paced creative environment. This talk is intended for composers, game audio professionals, music supervisors and anyone who is interested in learning more about video game music creation.

AES Technical Council This session is presented in association with the AES Technical Committee on Audio for Games

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