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Kimio Hamasaki

Kimio Hamasaki

Primary Affiliation: ARTSRIDGE LLC - Chiba, Japan
AES Member Type: Fellow
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Kimio Hamasaki is a balance engineer for music recording, a researcher on spatial audio, an educator for audio engineering and acoustics as well as an audio engineering consultant. He made a large number of music recordings in 2.0, 5.1, 9.1, 11.1 and 22.2 multichannel sound. He also developed equipment for digital audio recording, microphone-techniques for natural sound recording such as the Hamasaki-Square and Hamasaki-Cube, as well as the advanced spatial audio system such as the 22.2 multichannel sound system. He is a member of the international standardization committees and is recognized internationally for his technical and team-building skills. For his works, he has received several prestigious awards, including the Prix Italia Perugia Award and the CATs Audio Award.

Kimio Hamasaki is co-chair of the AES Technical Committees on Transmission and Broadcasting, vice chair of the AES Technical Committees on Recording Technologies and Practices, a member of the AES Technical Council and an adviser to the AES Japan Section. He was the AES Vice President for the International Region (2009 - 2013) and has served as the AES Governor (2006 - 2008). He also chaired the AES Japan Section (2006 - 2007), the AES 11th Regional Tokyo Convention in 2003, and the AES 40th International Conference in 2010. Kimio Hamasaki is currently a president at the ARTSRIDGE LLC.

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Mar 20: W03: Recording Orchestral Music and 3D Audio: Challenges, Considerations, and Solutions (Panelist)

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