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Martin Rieger

Martin Rieger

Primary Affiliation: VRTONUNG - Munich, Germany
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Martin Rieger has been specialized in cinematic virtual reality productions and is one of the view freelancers who work fulltime in recording on post-production
With his studies of media technology and production, he has a good overview of the state of the art technology, not only limited to the sound.
In the last three years he worked with various VR-video productions such as a 360 documentaries in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand traveling with the team on motorbikes; working in knee-high snow for a freeride experience in Austria; and recently to accompany the EU at aid operations in Belgium, Denmark, Bangladesh and Kenya.
Next to his freelance work, he has given a variety of workshops on 360° sound like the xr-creators-lab, co-authored at the VDT-Magazin and strives to create more awareness for virtual reality sound also by publishing dedicated information on his blog

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Mar 22: T26: Sound for Extreme 360° Productions (Presenter)

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