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Atsushi Marui

Atsushi Marui

Primary Affiliation: Tokyo University of the Arts - Tokyo, Japan
AES Member Type: Member

Dr. Marui is an associate professor at Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. The main field of interest is research and development of signal processing algorithms and their psychological evaluations for digital audio effect processors. His interests include nonlinear distortion processors for musical instruments, experimental design and analyses, ear training, and auditory display.

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Session List

Mar 20: P02: Perception
Comparison of Recording Techniques for 3D Audio Due to Difference between Listening Positions and Microphone Arrays (Author)

Mar 21: P10: Poster Session 2
Investigation into How Reference Sources and the Experience of Technical Ear Training Work in Mixing through Headphones (Author)

Mar 22: EB04: E-Brief Poster Session 2
Vertical Localization of Noise Bands Pairs by Time-Separation and Frequency Separation (Author)

Mar 23: EB06: Production and Simulation
The Effect of HRTF Individualization and Head-Tracking on Localization and Source Width Perception in VR (Author)
Does Spectral Flatness Affect the Difficulty of the Peak Frequency Identification Task in Technical Ear Training? (Part 2) (Author)

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