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Eoin F. Callery

Eoin F. Callery

Primary Affiliation: CCRMA, Stanford University - Stanford, CA, USA

Eoin Callery is an Irish artist who among other things creates electroacoustic chamber music, installations, sound art pieces, and builds instruments using found materials. His artistic practice and research explores acoustic phenomena – often feedback derived from both real and virtual systems – and/or embedding sounds or gestures into layers of automated live electronic processes. He holds a BMUS from University College Cork (2008), MA from Wesleyan University (2010), and completed his DMA at Stanford University (2016). He is a lecturer at CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics) at Stanford University. Information about his work and recent performances can be found at

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Mar 22: P16: Room Acoustics
A Method for Studying Interactions between Music Performance and Rooms with Real-Time Virtual Acoustics (Author)

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