145th AES CONVENTION Music Mavens: Managing Legacy Studios in Challenging Times

AES New York 2018

Thursday, October 18, 4:45 pm — 5:45 pm (1E15 +16 SE)

SE09 - Music Mavens: Managing Legacy Studios in Challenging Times

Paula Salvatore
Candace Stewart
Ellis Sorkin, owner of Studio Referral Service Inc., 1980–present and recording engineer A&M records, 1973–1980

The recording process has changed. What you were once able only do in a commercial recording facility, to some extent, is now possible to do in your home or bedroom. But throughout the world there are still new commercial facilities being built every day and there are numerous legacy studios that are consistently busy and booked. This panel discusses how these grand palaces of production continue to thrive in a new recording environment and how these studios have adapted to changing workflow and new technologies. Hear first-hand from industry leaders on what they are doing from a strategic standpoint and how they are keeping these facilities going for artists, and the music industry in general. Topics covered also include: Why live acoustic spaces matter and how they enhance any production; how 5-star service still exists and how these top professionals select, manage and train their staff to deliver the highest service and treatment that their clients have come to expect.

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