145th AES CONVENTION Recording & Production Track Event RP21: Era-Shifting Recording with David Kalmusky

AES New York 2018
Recording & Production Track Event RP21

Saturday, October 20, 9:45 am — 11:15 am (1E21)

Recording & Production: RP21 - Era-Shifting Recording with David Kalmusky

Mark Rubel, The Blackbird Academy - Nashville, TN, USA; Pogo Studio - Nashville, TN, USA
David Kalmusky, Addiction Sound Studios - Nashville, TN, USA

Acclaimed Nashville-based producer/engineer/artist David Kalmusky (Journey, Keith Urban, John Oates, Vince Gill, Shawn Mendes, etc.) was asked to record a version of “Amazing Grace” for the documentary film Met While Incarcerated. Kalmusky set himself a fascinating challenge: parallel recording of the same music using different eras of recording technology and musical approaches, which can be cross-faded and blended together. The song, band, and performances "time travel" between 1947 record cutting, 1962 open room recording, 1976 vari-speeded tape, 1984 synthesizers, and current technology (Pro Tools, Elastic Audio, etc.) In a far-ranging conversation with Mark Rubel, David Kalmusky will explain the various instruments, microphones, techniques and media used, and demonstrate and play the musical results of this unique process.

AES Technical Council This session is presented in association with the AES Technical Committee on Recording Technology and Practices

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