145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Doug Slocum

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

Doug Slocum

Doug Slocum

Primary Affiliation: Synthetic Sound Labs - Toms River, NJ, USA

Doug Slocum began torturing electronic components at the early age of 11. In the early 1970's, after attending an AES convention and meeting Bob Moog, he found his niche building and modifying music synthesizers.

In the early 80's, he left the field to pursue a career in the IT industry, but returned to his synthesizer passions in 2010 by introducing a line of synthesizer modules which have been well received by musicians worldwide.

In June of 2015, Doug was commissioned by Bell Labs President to build a modern interpretation of the VODER talking machine from the 1939 World's Fair. This VODER has since garnered a great deal of interest with the press and public.

Recently, Doug became an executive producer of an upcoming documentary about Bell Labs sound pioneer Stanley Watkins, who was not only instrumental in bringing sound to motion pictures, but was one of the first to learn to "play" the VODER and went on to instruct others in its use.

More Info: http://www.steamsynth.com

Session List

Oct 18: H03: Stanley Watkins, a Bell Labs Sound Pioneer (Presenter)

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