145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Bob McCarthy

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

Bob McCarthy

Primary Affiliation: Meyer Sound - New York, NY, USA

Bob McCarthy is the Director of System Optimization at Meyer Sound. He has 40 years experience in professional audio including system design, system optimization, product design, operation, test and repair, touring, recording and more.
He is a pioneer in the field of sound system optimization. Principal designer of Meyer Sound’s SIM System, which introduced the FFT analyzer to the field of professional audio.
Author of bestselling books on sound system optimization and design in three editions and three languages (English, Spanish and Chinese). Sound Systems: Design and Optimization, Focal Press

Conducted advanced training seminars on system design and optimization for over thirty years, which trained over 4000 engineers worldwide.

Session List

Oct 19: LS17: Case Study of Large-Scale Festival Sound Systems: Roskilde Festival 2018 (Presenter)

Oct 19: SR06: A Cookbook Approach to Sound System Optimization with Bob McCarthy (Presenter)

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