145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Joe Waltz

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

Joe Waltz

Primary Affiliation: Eventide - Little Ferry, NJ, USA

Joe Waltz's life is centered on his love of music and his passion for building things. As a young kid growing up in Akron Ohio, he built audio amplifiers, mixers and other electronic gear. In 1984, he moved to Boston and shortly thereafter was hired by Lexicon, a pioneer in digital audio, where he was a key contributor in designing products including the JamMan. ?
In 1997, he relocated to New York City to join Eventide, Inc as a lead developer and product visionary for many groundbreaking products including the H8000. In 2000, he left Eventide to found Manifold Labs and lead development of the world's first dedicated plugin player, Plugzilla. He continues in a consulting role to Eventide and championed Eventide's successful entry into the guitar effects market. ?
Throughout his career, he has composed, performed and recorded music, including several records as the artist, Frattura Waltz. For the last decade, he has collaborated with Leon Gruenbaum in building a family of innovative keyboard instruments known as "Chillian"

Session List

Oct 20: EB06: Transducers
A Dante Powered Modular Microphone Array System (Author)

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