145th AES CONVENTION Networked Audio Track Event NA06: Interoperability Standards for IP Media Networking

AES New York 2018
Networked Audio Track Event NA06

Friday, October 19, 9:00 am — 10:30 am (1E13)

Networked Audio: NA06 - Interoperability Standards for IP Media Networking

Terry Holton, Yamaha R&D Centre - London, UK
Mike Cronk, Grass Valley - Hillsboro, OR, USA; AIMS Alliance
Kevin Gross, AVA Networks - Boulder, CO, USA
Andreas Hildebrand, ALC NetworX GmbH - Munich, Germany

In the past few years, two major standards have been published with very significant implications for media networking interoperability: AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110. This session will review the background and objectives behind each of these standards. The relationship between these two standards (the commonalities and constraints) will be explained. Recent developments and the future roadmap for both of these important standards will also be explored.
The session will address a range of topics in relation to the AES67 and ST 2110 standards, particularly emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between these standards. The session will also clarify the differences in motivation and objectives behind of the creation of these two standards, as well as looking at recent updates and possible future developments for these standards.

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