145th AES CONVENTION Historical Event H06: The Commercialization of Stereophony, 1955—1960

AES New York 2018
Historical Event H06

Friday, October 19, 9:00 am — 10:30 am (1E17 (Surround Rm))


H06 - The Commercialization of Stereophony, 1955–1960

Thomas Fine, Tom Fine Audio Services - Brewster, NY, USA

In 1955, stereo reel to reel tapes and players came to market, representing the beginning of the record business's commercialization of stereophony. By late 1958, 60 years ago, most of the major companies were releasing stereo LPs.

Continuing on his previous presentation, "The Roots of Stereophony," Fine will detail the technologies, key people and software of the early commercialization of stereophonic sound recordings. The presentation will include rare audio examples, including excerpts from the first commercially available stereo LP, plus excerpts from the author's collection of stereo demonstration records and tapes.

Also under discussion will be the marketing techniques used to convince people to ditch their one-speaker listening system and embrace 2-channel stereophony.

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