145th AES CONVENTION Historical Event H01: Life and Death of the 30th Street Studio

AES New York 2018
Historical Event H01

Wednesday, October 17, 2:30 pm — 4:00 pm (1E08)


H01 - Life and Death of the 30th Street Studio

Dan Mortensen, Dansound Inc. - Seattle, WA, USA; Friends of the 30th Street Studio - Seattle, WA, USA

Expanded technical look at entire history of the legendary Columbia Records recording studio in NYC, from its construction as a Presbyterian church in 1875, through its conversion to and use as a studio starting in 1948, until its sale in 1981 and demolition in 1982.
This talk will trace the history of the building itself and the evolution and changes in microphones, recording media and devices, studio monitoring, mixing consoles, outboard gear, and recording and studio staff. We will see some of the incredible talent that went through the studio, but there will not be time to do justice to the amazing array of people who worked there in all capacities and at one time or another, although the author is separately trying.

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