145th AES CONVENTION Broadcast & Online Delivery Track Event B02: Podcast Production Roundtable

AES New York 2018
Broadcast & Online Delivery Track Event B02

Wednesday, October 17, 10:30 am — 12:00 pm (1E07)

Broadcast & Online Delivery: B02 - Podcast Production Roundtable

Rob Byers, Minnesota Public Radio | American Public Media - Minneapolis, MN, USA
Haley Shaw, Gimlet Media - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Alex Trajano, Audible - Detroit, MI, USA

Building on the success of last year’s session, Rob Byers (American Public Media and Criminal) will host a special roundtable discussion on the art and techniques of podcast production. Specifically focused on productions that tell stories, this session will bring together engineers, sound designers, and producers to talk about their top-of-the-charts work. The conversation will range from specific mixing and sound design techniques to considerations for an audience that is often listening on smart speakers and mobile devices. Join us for a unique view in to this blossoming format — and come with questions!

AES Technical Council This session is presented in association with the AES Technical Committee on Broadcast and Online Delivery

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