144th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Daniele Mochi

AES Milan 2018 Presenter or Author

Daniele Mochi

Daniele Mochi

Primary Affiliation: K-array - Florence, Italy

Daniele Mochi has a degree in physics and is specialized in acoustics. As project manager at K-array, a renowned Italian manufacturer of pro audio solutions, Daniele supports customers in system design and setup and is responsible for the fruition of many challenging projects, such as Teatro de La Habana in Cuba, Vodafone Arena in Turkey and White Nightclub in Dubai. Daniele has also been appointed director of K-academy, a program of workshops and seminars that covers all aspects of the pro audio industry.

Session List

May 24: PSE02: The Advantages of Electronic Beam Steering and its Relation with FIR Filters (Presenter)

May 24: AAF01: How Line Array Technology Has Inspired a New Approach to Microphones (Presenter)

May 25: PSE09: The Longer, the Better: K-array’s Pure Array Technology Explained (Presenter)

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