144th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Kelly Kay

AES Milan 2018 Presenter or Author

Kelly Kay

Kelly Kay

Primary Affiliation: Josephson Engineering - Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Kelly Kay has called Josephson Engineering in Santa Cruz California home since 2002. Kelly is a company principal and Vice President at Josephson Engineering and spends his time there working on many things including microphone development, production, public relations and consulting. Prior to joining Josephson Engineering Kelly spent several years as a Senior Engineer in the microphone development lab at Shure in Evanston Illinois. Kelly is also a past chair and co-founder of the AES Penn State student section, and a past committee member of the AES Chicago section, and has been an AES member since 1989.

Kelly's education includes a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Mc Master University in Canada and a Master of Science in Acoustics from the Penn State Graduate Program in Acoustics, as well as further academic study and research in acoustics at NASA Langley Research Institute, and in MEMS micro-fabrication at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Kelly has has two microphone related patents.

More Info: http://www.josephson.com

Session List

May 24: W19: Microphones—Can You Hear the Specs? A Master Class (Panelist)

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