143rd AES CONVENTION Tutorial & Workshop TW12: Practical 3D Acoustic Measurements

AES New York 2017
Tutorial & Workshop TW12

Saturday, October 21, 3:15 pm — 4:45 pm (Rm 1E08)


TW12 - Practical 3D Acoustic Measurements

Malcolm Dunn, Marshall Day Acoustics - Auckland, New Zealand

This tutorial will illustrate how 3D impulse response measurements can be utilized in practical applications. An introduction will be provided to 3D acoustic measurement technology with a focus on b-format signal and compact microphone arrays. The types of signals gathered will be described and methods of “visualizing” the results will be presented. Limitations of the information gathered will also be discussed. Examples would be provided for a range of applications where the use of directional information has provided worthwhile insight into the acoustic performance of a space.

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