143rd AES CONVENTION Technical Tour TT04: NYU AR/VR Lab. Washington Square Campus

AES New York 2017
Technical Tour TT04

Friday, October 20, 10:00 am — 1:00 pm (Off-Site 1)

TT04 - NYU AR/VR Lab. Washington Square Campus

The Music Technology program at NYU Steinhardt will host a tour of its facilities. Visitors will experience music produced specifically for 3D listening environments, binaural research and demonstrations. Listening sessions in the 12.2 James L. Dolan Music Recording Studio will include recordings made by the faculty and students of the NYU Music Technology program. Demonstrations will include sound for VR and AR, binaural Ambisonics and multi-loudspeaker environments played in the 20.2 spatial audio research laboratory.

Space limited to 75 people
Participants need to be ticketed and travel with the tour group to attend a technical tour.

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