143rd AES CONVENTION Sound Reinforcement Session SR09: Microphone Dressing for Theater

AES New York 2017
Sound Reinforcement Session SR09

Friday, October 20, 3:15 pm — 4:15 pm (Rm 1E09)

SR09 - Microphone Dressing for Theater

John Cooper, Local 1 IATSE - New York, NY. USA; Imperial Theater
Mary McGregor, Freelance, Local 1 - New York, NY, USA

Fitting actors with wireless microphone elements and transmitters has become a detailed art form. From ensuring the actor is comfortable and the electronics are safe and secure, to getting the proper sound with minimal detrimental audio effects all while maintaining the visual illusion, one of the most widely recognized artisans in this field provide hands on demonstrations of basic technique along with some time tested “tricks of the trade.”

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