143rd AES CONVENTION Presenters: Stuart Buck

AES New York 2017 Presenter or Author

Stuart Buck

Stuart Buck

Primary Affiliation: Arctic Palm Technology Inc - London, Ontario, Canada
Secondary Affiliation: XPERI - Columbia, MD, USA

Starting in 1971 as a computer operator Stu worked his way up to Senior Systems Analyst /Project Leader for a multi-media corporation based in London Ontario Canada. For over 36 years Stu was responsible for developing computer systems for the corporation’s Newspaper, Radio and Television companies.

Stu was responsible for a wide variety of Newspaper and head office systems until 1977 when selected as the Project Leader for the Broadcasting project for the companies Radio and Television stations.

Starting with the development of a Traffic system for both Radio and Television, his move to the broadcasting industry gave him the opportunity to develop a wide variety of broadcasting solutions and in 1997 founded Arctic Palm Technology Inc. which has continued to grow with five separate products but best known for the award winning Center Stage Live Data Casting software. Arctic Palm now has over 3,000 stations licensed for one or more Arctic Palm products. In 2016 Arctic Palm joined DTS Inc. in the HD Radio group and is now part of the XPERI family.

Session List

Oct 20: B11: Metadata for Radio and Streaming: The Digital Dashboard (Panelist)

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