AES Paris 2016
Workshop W16

Tuesday, June 7, 08:45 — 09:45 (Room 352A)

W16 - Codec for Enhanced Voice Services (EVS)—The New 3GPP Codec for Communication

Markus Multrus, Fraunhofer IIS - Nuernberg, Germany
Stefan Bruhn, Ericsson - Stockholm, Sweden
Vaclav Eksler, VoiceAge Corporation - Montreal, Quebec, Canada; University of Sherbrooke - Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Guillaume Fuchs, Fraunhofer IIS - Erlangen, Germany
Jon Gibbs, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd - Windermere, Cumbria, UK

Recently, 3GPP has finalized the standardization of its new communication codec for Enhanced Voice Services (EVS). This codec offers significant improvements over existing low-delay communication codecs. For a broad range of bit rates it supports coding of not only of narrowband and wideband audio, but also of super-wideband and fullband content up to 20 kHz audio bandwidth. The codec is based on a switched speech/audio coding scheme and features various tools for better compression efficiency and higher quality for speech, music, and mixed material. It provides all necessary features for (mobile-) communication and aims at providing a new level of user experience for all transmission-channel conditions. The workshop provides an overview over the codec, its performance, and applications together with a number of sound demonstrations.

AES Technical Council This session is presented in association with the AES Technical Committee on Coding of Audio Signals

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