AES Paris 2016
Technical Tour TT1

Saturday, June 4, 13:30 — 16:30 (Off-site 1)

TT1 - Sonic Emotion/Ink Production

Ink Production is an innovative Sound Post Production facility located downtown Paris. The building has more than 60 years of history for production, post production, dubbing for motion pictures and TV shows. It has recently been entirely refurbished with high end equipment (first ATMOS mixing stage in France, equipped with a full EXP Meyer Sound loudspeaker system). Ink Production is hosting Sonic Emotion Labs for 8 years developing a synergetic approach to sound mixing innovation.

The technical tour will offer a visit of the facilities and a demo in the ATMOS mixing stage of 3D Wave Field Synthesis with the Wave I processor developed by Sonic Emotion Labs. It will echo several events of the convention (papers P9 on Live Sound Mixing, P 21 on open 3D audio production, tutorial T7 on WFS Object Based Mixing) offering sound demonstrations in a full 3D WFS environment. The technical tour will be animated by the staff of Sonic Emotion Labs and Ink Production together with special guests Eric Berrard, FOH sound engineer, who used the Wave I in a tour of 23 shows in Arenas throughout France, Belgium and Switzerland (R.E.D. Tour 2015, M Pokora) and Frédéric Changenet, sound engineer at Radio France, who has been using the Wave I in many productions and shows over the last 3 years. The tour and the demos are organized in the context of the Edison 3D project that is coordinated by Sonic Emotion Labs, with Radio France, Télécom Paristech, Ecole Polytechnique, University of Western Brittany and b<>com as partners. The project is dedicated to the research and development of open 3D audio production tools and methods for the next generation of immersive audio formats.

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