AES Paris 2016

Monday, June 6, 17:00 — 18:00 (Room 351)


Audio Projections 10—3D Audio from the Jurassic and Early Triassic

Michael Williams, Sounds of Scotland - Le Perreux sur Marne, France

"Le Monde des Dinosaurs"

The publication of the natural sounds of Jurasic Dinosaurs in the collection of biological recordings published by 'Frémeaux & Associés' is based on the research work done by Professor David Weishampel from John Hopkins University in Maryland, who studied the characteristics of air passing through the empty comb of the Parasaurolophus. The 'natural' sound recording engineer Jean-Luc Hérelle has put together the sounds of the Iguanodon and the tyrannosaurs in a Giant Sequoia Forest during the early-Jurassic (a period going back some 200 million years). The creation and production of this sound material is based on some recent scientific findings on the relationshship between dinosaurs and today's birds, and of course dinosaur replicas produced by paleontologist using much that has been discovered about dinosaurs since the 19th Cantury. These sounds are a real insight into this prehistoric world. If you were not able to experience the sounds of these giant animals at first hand, then get in your time machine and come to this fantastic soundscape audio projection.
This series of audio projection soundscapes will include extracts from
1) The Plateosaurus, Nothosaurus, Coelophysis, Dimorphodon, Barapasaurus, Plesiosaurus and Rhamphorhynchus from the triassic/early Jurassic period.
2) A small group of Archaeopteryx who are hunting insects, surrounded by a few Camptosaurus, a Megalosaurus and a Scaphognathus. These are all from the Jurassic era.
3) The soundscape of an open swamp forest with the Pterodaustro, an Iguanodon, the Euhelopus, the Stegosaurus, the Acrocanthosaurus, the mighty Deinonychus, the spectacular Parasaurolophus, and the final scream of the Tyrannosaurus, accompanied by the song of the Pteranodon.

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