AES Paris 2016

Saturday, June 4, 15:15 — 16:15 (Room 351)


Audio Projections 2—3D Audio Projections

Daniel Shores, Sono Luminus - Boyce, VA, USA; Shenandoah Conservatory Music Production and Recording Technology - Winchester, VA, USA

Crossing over Into Immersive Audio
Since it’s inception in 1996, Sono Luminus has operated with the singular focus of providing the home consumer with a unique listening experience, which we describe as Performance Fidelity. In 2006, Sono Luminus took the leap from studio to record label and have since created albums focusing in classical and acoustic music that have resulted in eighteen GRAMMY nominations, including nominations in the categories of Surround Sound and Best Engineered classical, as well as one Latin GRAMMY award winning album. In 2011, Sono Luminus began releasing it’s recordings using the Pure Audio Blu-ray. Sono Luminus felt this would be the perfect delivery method for their surround recordings to the largest consumer base. In 2015, Sono Luminus began its experimentation and implementation of 9.1 Auro-3D recording. To date, Sono Luminus has created numerous 9.1 recordings, five of which are now commercially available with more on the way. Immersive audio quite literally takes the listening experience of the home consumer to the next level. It allows Sono Luminus the opportunity to deliver an even more in-depth, intriguing, and unique listening experience.
Recording both on location, and in the 100 year old converted church in the Virginia countryside that is now the home of Sono Luminus Studios, Sono Luminus focuses on techniques for capturing native immersive audio, rather than mixing for the format.
In the end though, it is all about the serving the music, and we have taken the opportunity to work with the musicians and composers to develop recordings that bring out the all of the musical nuances in a way not possible before.

Examples in this projection will demonstrate various styles of music including choral, early music, Celtic, percussion, electronics, experimental music just to name a few demonstrating vastly different instrumentation and sonic textures.

Samples will include selections from:
Peter Gregson - From the Album "Touch"
Skylark Vocal Ensemble - From the Album "Crossing Over"
Ensemble Galilei - From the Album "From Whence we Came"
International Contemporary Ensemble - From the Album " In the Light of Air"
Inscape - From the Album "Petrushka"
Ayreheart - From the Album "Barley Moon"
Los Angeles Percussion Quartet – From their upcoming untitled album.

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