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Armin Prommersberger

Armin Prommersberger

Primary Affiliation: Harman International - Karlsbad, Germany

HELLO, good to see you!
Now that you have made the effort to find out who I am let's make this time well spent.

I was born right into Generation X. More than 25 years ago I founded my first company and since then I keep on building: building 3 more companies, building knowledge, personality and expertise... and building my network that enabled success stories I would have never achieved on my own.
I have touched many industries in even more roles. My passion remains in music, computers, design, cars, electronics and especially predictive analysis in the virtual domain. Thanx to my dad I also have a knack for numbers and finance, which comes handy when you run businesses from small local enterprises to triple digit Millions business units in global corporations.

I am an entrepreneur at heart, never destined to be an employee... but well, here I am working for HARMAN and enjoying it to the max. I am allowed to use my strengths across the Consumer and Automotive industries and am given the freedom to do things different.

In a world where everything becomes data I am motivated by the emotional experience of products. I believe this sensation is the ultimate goal that innovation, technology and product styling shall be serving. I am thrilled by the progression in machine learning and the trend of connected devices. Beyond the hype these major technology leaps are opening up a new dimension of user immersion. To me it is a privilege to contribute to this transformation right from the center of technology, collaborating with colleagues around the globe every day.

What I am looking for is connecting with professionals that share my interests and need a sparring for their thoughts, that face challenges where my experience can be of value, that have knowledge I can learn from, that want to team up for a keynote... or that are simply curious and want to change the world.

have a nice day… and let’s connect!

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Jun 6: W13: Trends and Developments for Automotive Audio (Panelist)

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