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Tomás Henriques

Tomás Henriques

Primary Affiliation: SUNY College at Buffalo - Buffalo, NY, USA

Tomás Henriques is a Portuguese born composer, performer and researcher working at SUNY College at Buffalo where he teaches music theory, coordinates the program in Digital Music Production and directs the Digital Music Ensemble.

Henriques' creative work and research activities are wide-ranging both in their scope and diversity. His compositional output includes pieces for acoustic instruments as well as music for electronic and mixed media. His works are regularly commissioned and have been played in music festivals such as the Musica Viva Festival, the Festival Synthèse, the Logos Festival, the North American New Music Festival, the June in Buffalo Contemporary Music Festival, the 3rd Practice Electronic Music Festival, the Art Series Now Festival, etc.

Henriques' research is multi-disciplinary, crossing the artistic and scientific fields. It focuses on using sensor technologies to create innovative electronic music instruments as well as interfaces that explore sound and visual data for gaming and for medical applications, etc.

Henriques won First Prize at the 2010 Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument
Competition, with the invention of his “Double Slide Controller,” a slide trombone-like electronic instrument. His "Sonik Spring", a hand-held device that translates force and 3D spatial motion into sound and visual data, was granted a full US patent.
From 2010-2013 he was the Principal Investigator of the “See-Through-Sound” project, an international research project aimed at helping visually impaired individuals ‘see’, using sonic cues. Recently Dr. Henriques teamed up with Yamaha engineers to develop a hybrid 52.1 surround sound system, which has been installed at SUNY Buffalo State's music department.

Session List

Nov 1: P19: Spatial Audio—Part 3
New Techniques for Sound Motion and Display in a 52.1 Surround Sound Hall (Author)

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