AES Warsaw 2015 Presenter or Author

Marcos F. Simón Gálvez

Marcos F. Simón Gálvez

Primary Affiliation: University of Southampton - Southampton, UK

Marcos Simón graduated in 2010 from the Technical University of Madrid with a BSc in telecommunications. After a short time working in video engineering, he came to the University of Southampton, where he pursued the MSc in Sound and Vibration of the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research.

In October 2011 he joined the Signal Processing and Control Group, under the supervision of Professor Stephen J. Elliott, where he has worked in personal audio with loudspeaker arrays for improving speech intelligibility in hard of hearing people and also in the modelling of cochlear mechanics. He obtained his PhD title in 2014, and is currently working on the S3A spatial audio program, under the supervision of Filippo Fazi.

In 2013 he has been awarded with the IOA young persons’ award for innovation in acoustical engineering and the Sociedad Española de Acústica (Spanish Acoustical Society) Andrés Lara prize for young scientists.

Session List

May 7: P4: (Poster) Spatial Audio
A Listener Position Adaptive Stereo System for Object-Based Reproduction (Author)

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