AES Warsaw 2015 Presenter or Author

Philip Coleman

Primary Affiliation: University of Surrey - Guildford, Surrey, UK
AES Member Type: Member

Philip received the BEng degree in Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems in 2008 from the University of York, and the MSc with distinction in Multimedia Signal Processing and Communication from the University of Surrey in 2010. He then joined the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing at the University of Surrey, earning the PhD degree in 2014, and is currently working in the centre as a research fellow. His research interests include sound field control, loudspeaker and microphone array processing, and spatial audio, with a focus on real-world applications of signal processing technology.

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Session List

May 8: P6: (Lecture) Room Acoustics
Estimation of Room Reflection Parameters for a Reverberant Spatial Audio Object (Author)

May 9: P11: (Lecture) Sound Localization and Separation
Audio Object Separation Using Microphone Array Beamforming (Author)

May 10: EB-2: e-Brief Lectures
Production and Reproduction of Program Material for a Variety of Spatial Audio Formats (Author)

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