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Ray Kimber

Ray Kimber

Primary Affiliation: Kimber Kable - Ogden, UT, USA

President of Kimber Kable, WBT-USA,, IsoMike, and Wattgate.  Member of CEA Audio Board.
Ray’s father was a Coyne School graduate and worked as a technician/repairman so Ray was exposed to all things mechanical, electrical, and electronic from infancy.  Ray’s parents  loved of all types of music so he grew up surrounded by music both live and reproduced - along with the obligatory piano lessons.  Given a crystal radio kit at 6, he was hooked.
Ray has worked in retail and professional audio sales along with a rep firm involved with consumer and professional electronics, entertainment and test equipment. Years as a university multi-venue Production Stage Manager.  Touring as technical staff with classical music and rock-n-roll. Technician and DJ at campus radio station. A highlight was  Spectra Sonics in Hollywood California, selling pro audio gear, including consoles and multi-track recorders.
During the late 70's at the height of disco fever he was working as an engineer in pro audio and was vexed by the problem of speaker cables acting as antennas and picking up noise from the flashing lighting systems; after much experimentation Kimber Kable was incorporated in 1979, the signature braided design working to reject noise.

A recent project has been an experimental high resolution recordings. IsoMike™ (“Isolated Microphones”) is an experimental acoustic baffle system, to address the interference of inter-channel sounds that results in compromised fidelity. For these 4-channel recordings, the microphones were suspended on four arms, separated by IsoMike™ baffles. 

Most baffles absorb sound from mid- to high-range frequencies; lower frequencies are more difficult to absorb. Here, the unique shapes of the IsoMike™ baffles are advantageous. As lower frequencies flow around the heart- or egg -shaped baffles, they are scattered, effectively dissipating their energy. 

Eliminating line-of-sight between the microphones seems to lower some fidelity robbing cancellations, this reveals a layer of extreme detail and a sense of increased sensitivity.

Member of CEA, IATSE, Wire Association International, AES, USITT.  Presented the 2008 Founder’s Award by the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society, Weber County Pioneer’s of Business Award,  Utah Non Profits Association’s Hearts and Hands Award, 2006  Honorary Sheriff Award,  Weber State University Distinguished Service Award, and is an Eagle Scout.  Ray enjoys riding high performance motorcycles - relatively slowly. Doesn’t enjoy bio writing.

Session List

Oct 10: Digital Entertainment Group Presents High Resolution Audio Sessions (Panelist)

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