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Christopher Kaufman

Christopher Kaufman

Primary Affiliation: Manhattan Producers Alliance - New York, NY, USA

Chris Kaufman has composed hundreds of works for the classical concert stage. He works regularly with some of our planet’s finest musicians who perform his work all over the world. Kaufman also enjoys writing music for commercials and music/sound design for independent films. In his most recent concert work he has fused these worlds into ‘environmental pieces’ which combine live performance with CDtapes filled with music created from natural sounds and video and which lead the audience through a clearly presented story.
Kaufman also develops music based apps where he has the pleasure of working with Manhat Pro’s John Kiehl. Their app ‘Name That Opus‘ is a game similar to ‘name that tune‘ but with classical themes and grew from a game Kaufman plays with his young daughter. Kaufman has recently founded an ebook publishing company. These ebooks are of increasing variety but center around Kaufman’s epic fantasy series, ‘Tales Of The Ocean City’... which is presented in multimedia form where music and sound, story and visual art are fused.
As founder of CHIRON Performing Arts, Kaufman has presented the work of hundreds of artists of all disciplines. He is now combining these efforts with his new friends at the Manhattan Producers Alliance - we are presenting fusion concerts events of increasing interest as we move forward... with the goal of mixing audience types and presenting to each the music of other parts of the musical spectrum.
Kaufman has taught music in every type of environment from college to private schools. He taught ‘challenged youth’ for years in Ithaca, NY from which experience he has some of his favorite success stories. He now runs a private teaching studio where he works mostly with talented young artists. He has developed unique programs for teaching young people and helping them develop their own musical voice. They are composing and creating at the piano at the end of their first lesson at sometimes 3 1/2 or 4 years of age. Kaufman lives in Bay Ridge Brooklyn with his wife Maryclare, his daughter Sofia and their cat Tiger... who is most proficient at dissuading the invasion of various pestilent life-forms.
Visit for more information on Kaufman’s career and to see/hear music and video.

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Oct 19: Music and Audio for the Smaller Screen (Presenter)

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