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Stephen Harwood, Jr.

Stephen Harwood, Jr.

Primary Affiliation: Education Working Group Chair; IASIG - New York, NY, USA

Composer and sound designer Stephen Harwood Jr is best known for his critically acclaimed orchestral score for Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 (Gearbox/Ubisoft, 2005). Specializing in the composition of orchestral and modern orchestral-synth hybrid scores for video games, he is also an accomplished sound designer, recording engineer, and saxophonist.

Stephen's stylistic influences are broad and varied. With a Master of Music degree in Studio Jazz Writing from the University of Miami (Florida), his formal training comprises both the Western Classical and Jazz traditions. Building upon this foundation, his compositions reflect a heterogeneous palette including contributions from many places and times. Having also worked with film and television, Stephen finds the creative and technical challenges of developing music and sound design for interactive media to be uniquely interesting. His work can be heard on every major gaming platform, from the iPhone to the PlayStation 3.

Beyond his creative pursuits, Stephen is strongly committed to supporting the development of aspiring game audio professionals. Working regularly as an adjunct professor and lecturer, he has written courses on the design and production of sound and music for games for New York University, SAE Institute NYC, and Mercy College (NY). Outside of the classroom, Stephen serves on the steering committee of the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group, and as Chair of the IASIG Education Working Group.

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Session List

Oct 18: G5: Game Audio: A Primer and Educational Resources (Chair)

Oct 19: G8: Audio Shorts (Presenter)

Oct 20: G12: Professional Game Audio—Opportunities In The Mobile Space (Chair)

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