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Curt Hoyt

Curt Hoyt

Primary Affiliation: 3D Audio Consultant - Huntington Beach, CA, USA
Secondary Affiliation: Trinnov Audio USA Operations

Curt Hoyt is an early adopter and proponent of Surround Music, DRC (Digital Room Correction), and 3D Audio, and is active in both design and implementation. He served six years as Chief Engineer and Technical Manager for the Surround Conference and Surround Music Awards in the Los Angeles area from 1999-2005. During this period, he was also an AES Governor and Chair of the AES Strategic Advisory Committee. These two roles led to seeking out the latest surround technologies in R&D -- areas that the AES supports through papers, sessions and exhibitions. At that time, Trinnov Audio, a Paris based start-up, presented several AES papers based on advanced 3D methods, with products in the offing. Trinnov participated in the AES Strategic Advisory study, and its founders were invited by Curt to participate in the Surround Conference. It was from this context that Curt’s long association with Trinnov developed.

Since 2004, Curt has been actively involved in the development, creation, and implementation of 3D audio products for manufacturers in both the consumer and pro marketplaces. His roles include Product Manager (3 DSP/DRC products), Systems Integrator, and System Tuner. Since his early days in 3D audio, he has participated in the design, installation, and calibration of countless audio spaces, in both pro and consumer settings at all levels, from stereo to 17.4 channels. His academic work includes a 2007 study on projecting 3D audio in planetariums, which he formulated and then participated in at Denver’s Gates Planetarium, in conjunction with the University of Colorado’s Graduate Audio Program. Pro clients include Fox Pictures and Technicolor. Curt’s ongoing focus is on providing the highest spectral and spatial resolution reproduction possible through today’s advanced audio technologies.

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Oct 17: W8: Digital Room Correction—Does it Really Work? (Panelist)

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