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Linda A. Gedemer

Linda A. Gedemer

Primary Affiliation: University of Salford - Salford, UK
Secondary Affiliation: Harman International - Northridge, CA, USA

For 25 years Linda Gedemer has been designing and building audio, video, data, and electronic control systems for a wide variety of commercial, educational and entertainment applications. She is also an acoustic consultant working in architectural acoustics. Linda has served as the lead designer and project manager in the development of media production and presentation systems worldwide. She has been actively involved in audio production work for many years and is an MPSE Golden Reel award winning sound editor. In addition, Linda is an adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount University teaching studio acoustics, recording technology and digital audio as part of LMU’s School of Film and Television. She serves as LMU's AES student section faculty adviser.

Linda received her undergraduate degree in Music Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering from the Univeristy of Miami in 1988. After graduation, her internship was completed at Universal Recording in Chicago. Realizing that she preferred warm weather, Linda moved to Los Angeles where she began her career as an AV systems designer and worked for companies such as Walt Disney Imagineering. Her work has taken her from Japan to France and she credits this experience for her ability to order beer in seven different languages.

After several years of teaching at LMU preparing tomorrow's audio engineers for the "real world", Linda decided to drop out of the "real world" and return to college as part of her ongoing mid-life crisis. She attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where she earned her Master of Science in Acoustics in 2008. Linda vowed never to return to college after surviving the writing of her master's thesis. All of that changed when she suffered a memory lapse and once again decided to return to college to pursue a PhD. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Audio Engineering and Acoustics at the University of Salford and works as a post graduate researcher at Harman International Corporate Technology in the Acoustic Research department where she is the oldest known intern.

Linda plays bassoon (but never in public) and makes a wicked margarita.

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Session List

Oct 18: P11: Perception—Part 1
Validation of the Binaural Room Scanning Method for Cinema Audio Research (Author)

Oct 19: P15: Applications in Audio—Part I
Evaluation of the SMPTE X-Curve Based on a Survey of Re-Recording Mixers (Author)

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