AES San Francisco 2012
Live Sound Seminars

These sessions are primarily about Live Sound, but they also belong to a much larger track called Live Sound Track where you can find other related sessions that may be of interest.

Friday, October 26

Friday, October 26, 10:30 am — 12:00 pm
Session LS1   Power for Live Events

Friday, October 26, 2:00 pm — 3:30 pm
Session LS2   Live Sound Engineering: The Juxtaposition of Art and Science

Friday, October 26, 4:00 pm — 5:30 pm
Session LS3   Practical Application of Audio Networking for Live Sound


Saturday, October 27

Saturday, October 27, 10:15 am — 11:45 am
Session LS4   Technical and Practical Considerations for Wireless Microphone System Designers and Users

Saturday, October 27, 2:00 pm — 3:30 pm
Session LS5   Planning a Live Sound Education: Should I Study the Theory, or Practice the Skills?

Saturday, October 27, 4:00 pm — 6:00 pm
Session LS6   Wireless Frequency Wrangling at Large Events


Sunday, October 28

Sunday, October 28, 11:00 am — 12:30 pm
Session LS7   The Women of Professional Concert Sound

Sunday, October 28, 2:30 pm — 4:30 pm
Session LS8   Tuning a Loudspeaker Installation

Sunday, October 28, 4:30 pm — 6:00 pm
Session LS9   Acoustics for Small Live Sound Venues—Creating (& Fine Tuning) the Consummate Performing/Listening Environment


Monday, October 29

Monday, October 29, 9:00 am — 10:30 am
Session LS10   Live Sound for Corporate Events: It's Business Time

Monday, October 29, 11:00 am — 12:30 pm
Session LS11   Audio DSP in Unreal-Time, Real-Time, and Live Settings

Monday, October 29, 2:00 pm — 4:00 pm
Session LS12   The Art of Sound for Live Jazz Performances


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