AES New York 2011
Workshop W15

Saturday, October 22, 2:00 pm — 4:00 pm (Room: 1E08)

W15 - Mastering In An Ever Expanding Universe 2011

Joe Palmaccio, The Place . . . For Mastering - Nashville, TN, USA
Vic Anesini, Battery Studios - New York, NY, USA
Adam Ayan, Gateway Mastering - Portland, ME
Dave Kutch, The Mastering Palace - New York, NY
Gavin Lurssen, Lurssen Mastering - Los Angeles, CA
Andrew Mendelson, Georgetown Masters - Nashville, TN
Michael Romanowski, Romanowski Mastering - San Francisco, CA
Mark Wilder, Battery Studios - New York, NY

Mastering continues to evolve in both form and function. The panel, made up of today's top-tier mastering engineers will discuss this evolution. Technique, technology, best business practices, and aesthetics will be discussed. Panelists will present their own point of view on specific topics. Audio samples and visual aids will be used to demonstrate the thoughts and techniques of the various panelists. At the conclusion of the panel presentations, attendees will be invited to join the discussion and interact with the panelists.

Topics to be discussed include: Preparing a Mix—Best practices for how to deliver mixes to mastering. The DAW—Far beyond a digital editor, computers, storage, and cloud based tools have radically changed the tool-set of ME's and mix engineers. An examination of how to optimize the workstation to achieve the best sonics will be presented. Loudness—A demonstration of why loud mixes are not the same as high quality mastering. The Client—With continued decentralization of the music business, "the client" is no longer represented by a small list of major record label roles. As "who is the client?" expands, education becomes a critical component of running a successful business. A discussion of servicing and maintaining the client will be presented. The Artform—Beyond the technical creation of production masters, aesthetics play a lead role as ME's consider their individual approach to mastering. Get inside the head of a mastering engineer to learn what drives his creative decision making process. The State of Processing Audio—Have computer software and processing finally given the mastering engineer a technical, subjective, and creative equivalent to purpose built analog tools. Formats—CD, DVD, Downloads, and Vinyl are only the beginning of format options today. As the number of deliverable formats expands, so does mastering studio workflow. What represents a master and how is it best delivered.

Please enjoy this video presented by Mark Wilder during the workshop:

Mastering Engineer, Mark Wilder of Battery Studios, gives you a "Fly on the Ceiling" perspective of a mastering pass. The audio reflects the real-time changes from input to output with the monitor switching and is level compensated.
The subtitles change quickly, so don't blink.
"Here is the Big Sky" Music by Taylor Haskins
Mastering by Mark Wilder


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