AES New York 2011
Tutorial T8

Friday, October 21, 2:45 pm — 4:15 pm (Room: 1E12)

T8 - Demystifying Audio Sound Control Protocols

Richard Foss, Rhodes University - Grahamstown, South Africa

Starting from an introduction to the concepts of network discovery, control, and connection management and an examination of existing approaches including MIDI, AES24, OSC, IEC 62379, and XFN among others, this tutorial on the XFN connection management and control protocol presents core features concepts and functionality. There will be a discussion of options for achieving interoperability between devices using XFN as well as other protocols. A demonstration will show how XFN is used in conjunction with a graphical interface to perform discovery, connection management and control of network audio devices. A protocol essentially similar to the XFN protocol has been proposed for standardization in the AES under project AES-X170. Attendees will be updated on the status and progress of this project.

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