AES New York 2011
Tutorial T5

Thursday, October 20, 2:30 pm — 4:00 pm (Room: 1E12)

T5 - Acoustics for Sound Reinforcement

Peter Mapp, Peter Mapp Associates - Colchester, Essex, UK
Kurt Graffy, Arup Acoustics

Traditionally, acoustic design for performance spaces focuses on optimum acoustics for non-reinforced performances. However, a fine concert hall for symphonic music can be very troublesome for reinforced sound. Even performance spaces designed with variable acoustics are mostly optimized for acoustic sources, little consideration is given to the needs for reinforced sound.
This tutorial addresses the different acoustic requirements for reinforced sound as opposed to non-reinforced sound. Topics to be discussed will include:

- Reverberation, support or interference?
- Source directivity, positioning and aiming
- Discrete reflections and how to avoid them
- What to include in a new venue for optimum adaptation for reinforced sound
- Practical measures in existing situations
- Workarounds in acoustic harsh environments - Control of bass reverberation and room acoustic effects at low frequencies

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