AES New York 2011
Tutorial T4

Thursday, October 20, 2:30 pm — 4:00 pm (Room: 1E11)

T4 - MP3 Can Sound Good

Schuyler Quackenbush, Audio Research Labs - Scotch Plains, NJ
Thomas Sporer, Fraunhofer IDMT - Ilmenau, Germany

Why does MP3 get such a bad rap? This tutorial will briefly present the history of MP3 coding as a medium for portable music players and discuss the impact of these early experiences on how MP3 is regarded in the audio community. The main focus of the tutorial is to discuss how to develop a robust way to characterize audio quality: a test method must be double-blind, have listeners with thorough training , use a credible test methodology, and turn the subjective results into a numeric measure of quality using sound statistical principles. To close, examples of several subjective tests of audio codecs will be presented, showing some that are done well and others that are not done well.

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