AES New York 2011
Engineering Brief EB3

EB3 - Applications of Audio Engineering

Friday, October 21, 12:00 pm — 1:00 pm (Room: 1E09)

John Vanderkooy, University of Waterloo - Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

EB3-1 Foreign-Language Dubbing PracticesTheodor Stojanov, Independent Writer and Post Production Sound Editor - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The interdisciplinary nature of foreign language dubbing involves the collaboration of actors, directors, producers, translators, sound and video departments, and often develops into an elaborate production project in its own right. Increasingly, particularly with motion pictures, the dubbing industry faces new challenges as studios are required to work at the pace of the original production and follow any and all modifications, leading ultimately to the global release of a film everywhere simultaneously, an economic model that has been gathering momentum in recent years. The technology for foreign dialogue dubbing has undergone a great optimization of the production work-flow to accommodate such new requirements, and this presentation will show various practices currently in use throughout Europe and North America. I will discuss the idealized work-flow versus technology-specific solutions, cost optimization, media security, and the advantages of certain types of technologies on foreign-language synchronization. Areas of development in foreign-language dubbing and internationalization will be discussed.
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EB3-2 Application of Wave Field Synthesis and Analysis on Automotive AudioMichael J. Strauß, Fraunhofer IDMT - Ilmenau, Germany; Peter Gleim, Audi AG - Ingolstadt, Germany
High-quality audio equipment in cars enjoys rising popularity. For a remarkable number of people the car compartment represents the primary listening environment for enjoying music playback. Besides excellent sound quality spatial audio capabilities can also be expected from today’s top systems. In this talk we will give insight into the implementation of a spatial audio system based on Wave Field Synthesis that was realized inside an SUV. Audi AG and Fraunhofer IDMT together present the outcome of their research collaboration named "Audi Sound Concept." The Audi Q7 prototype has, on the one hand, remained a series production vehicle on the exterior, while on the other hand been rebuilt into a HiFi-Studio in the interior. The talk will include a systematic overview, a description of the playback-system, and some remarks about sound field analysis based on array measurements.
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EB3-3 Spooky Sounds: Interactive Audio Systems and Design for a Themed Attraction in an Academic EnvironmentBruce Ellman, NYC College of Technology/CUNY - Sunnyside, NY, USA; John Huntington, NYC College of Technology/CUNY - Brooklyn, NY, USA
The high-tech, interactive Gravesend Inn haunted hotel attraction features a large, distributed, audience-triggered sound system to implement a design both startling and evocative. Sound Designer Bruce Ellman and Systems Engineer John Huntington will discuss the challenges faced in developing this system and using it to teach Entertainment Technology Students.
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EB3-4 High Performance Architectural and Electro Acoustic Isolation SolutionsDave Kotch, John Storyk, Walters-Storyk Design Group
Increasing demands for community noise abatement, most specifically for architectural spaces such as night clubs and performance venue, have resulted in a variety of interesting design solutions to insure high performance sound attenuation, with FSTC results in excess of 80dB. This has often been accomplished with a combination of architectural construction design as well as electro-acoustic systems design such as directional subs, low frequency harmonic processing, and other systems integration devices. This paper will explore these designs and recent field results.
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