AES London 2011
Workshop W13

Sunday, May 15, 15:45 — 16:45 (Room 4)

W13 - Implementation of Interactive Music in Games

Erasmus Talbot, Black Rock Studio - Brighton, UK

This workshop looks at the implementation of interactive music in current video games. It focuses on the approach taken in “Split/Second,” an arcade racing game packed with action of an epic scale. To reflect its allusions to Hollywood blockbusters in audio, the team turned their backs to licensed music tracks and opted for a bespoke score. Initially all music was delivered externally, but the talk explains how the team became increasingly involved in the music production process. This approach allowed the team to realize creative possibilities that could only emerge from strong familiarity with the game.

The workshop gives a detailed explanation of the novel production method and playback system used in Split/Second and highlights how bold choices, informed by a particular outlook on interactive music, can lead to a simple, yet effective smoke-and-mirror type solution. It will also highlight some pitfalls that were encountered, which elicited future improvements to the system.

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