AES London 2011
Tutorial T11

Monday, May 16, 09:00 — 10:15 (Room 5)

T11 - Roadie—How to Gain and Keep a Career in the Live Music Industry

Andy Reynolds, Owner,

Live music is a huge industry—65 million people around the world attended a concert in 2010, with gross ticket sales of over $3 billion. Every single one of those concerts needs a sound reinforcement system and audio engineers to rig the system and help enhance the sound coming from stage. But how do you gain, and more importantly keep, an audio job in the live music business? How do you differentiate between the different audio roles on a show or event? What specialized skills are relevant to concert audio engineering? This tutorial will examine the role of the audio engineer in modern concert production, look at routes into the industry, offer advice on finding and dealing with clients as well as the technical skills and knowledge that every live audio engineer should be aware of.

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