AES London 2011
AES/APRS Event—I Didn't Get Where I am Today . . .

Monday, May 16, 14:00 — 15:45 (Room 2)

AES/APRS Event—I Didn't Get Where I am Today . . .

Peter Filleul, APRS
David Fisher
Elliott Randall
Dennis Weinreich

Careers are magically unpredictable things. So many successful icons in the audio world will blame serendipity, a chance meeting, or the whims of luck for how they ended up. Others had a clear direction, a specific focus, and have stuck to their original ambition and some swear by training and qualifications.

Prominent audio characters describe what influenced their "career moves" and whether flexibility, a broad outlook and the "maverick" spirit are essential elements to achieving longevity in the audio business and muse on the expectations generated by audio education and training.

A 90 minute seminar moderated by Peter Filleul of the APRS exploring the differences between the theory and the practice of the career ambitions of a set of accomplished audio addicts.

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