AES San Francisco 2010
Live Sound Seminar LS6

Saturday, November 6, 9:00 am — 10:45 am (Room 131)

LS6 - Subwoofer Directionality

Charlie Hughes, Excelsior Audio
Steve Bush, Meyer Sound Laboratories
Ales Dravinec, ADRaudio
Bill Gelow, Bosch/Electrovoice
Dave Rat, Rat Sound,

Directional subwoofers and subwoofer arrays can help to keep low frequency energy on the audience, where it’s desired, and away from areas where it’s not. This can be a great help in reducing rumble on stage and increasing gain before feedback. Single enclosure subwoofers with directivity control will be discussed along with arrays of multiple enclosures and their directional properties. Join us to find out how the spacing, loading, and signal processing of individual loudspeaker elements help to yield subwoofer directionality.

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