AES London 2010
Workshop W13

Monday, May 24, 16:00 — 18:00 (Room C2)

W13 - Loudness in Broadcasting—The New EBU Recommendation R128

Andrew Mason, BBC R&D
Jean-Paul Moerman, Salzbrenner Stagetec Media Group - Buttenheim, Germany
Richard van Everdingen, Dutch Broadcasting Loudness Committee

The EBU group P/LOUD is approaching the final stage of its work that will
result in recommendations that will have a profound effect on any audio
production in broadcasting. The gradual switch from peak to loudness normalization
combined with a new maximum true peak level and the usage of the descriptor
“loudness range” allows for the first time to fully characterize the audio part
of a program. More importantly it has the potential to solve the most frequent
complaint of the listeners, that of severe level inconsistencies. This is the first time that the new EBU loudness recommendation R128 is presented in detail, alongside a detailed introduction to the subject as well as practical case studies.