AES London 2010
Technical Tour TT3

Sunday, May 23, 10:30 — 12:30

TT3 - National Theatre

The National Theatre has three auditoriums running up to three shows in repertory on each stage. Most shows are produced
in-house and the National Theatre sound and video department supplies the resources and expertise to meet all the sound and video requirements of every production. The department is a
central resource that provides a core team in each venue
but allows for movement between them. The video team is particularly mobile, going wherever there is a need. When not actively working on a particular production members of the department will find themselves supporting the AV requirements of the many other events that regularly take place at the NT. The
department has two recording studios and a live room that primarily service the needs of the productions but are also available for external booking. You will be able to visit the three auditoriums and the studios as well as look around other areas of the organization.

Capacity limited to 20 persons. Transportation by AES bus or cab.

Technical Tours are made available on a first come, first served basis. Tickets can be purchased during normal registration hours at the convention center.

Price: £15