AES London 2010
Student / Career Event

Sunday, May 23, 13:15 — 13:45 (Room C5)

Benefit of Accreditation—JAMES

Phil Harding
Dave Ward

Will a Qualification Get You a Job in Music Production?

Not so long ago, to get a career in music production meant you starting at the bottom in a recording studio pushing a broom and making the tea, slowly absorbing the skills until you eventually graduated from tape op to assistant engineer, finally reaching the rank of producer. Now there are hundreds of degree courses and thousands of graduates looking for jobs in far fewer commercial studios than existed before —has anything changed? Is it worth the investment of putting yourself through college if you then have to start at the bottom again. And are there any jobs anyway?

JAMES is dedicated to making links between Education and the Media Industries. JAMES is the education arm of the Association of Professional Recording Services (APRS), the Music Producers Guild (MPG) and the UK Screen Association. JAMES is made up of dedicated industry professionals who wish to ensure that many years of professional experience are not lost to future generations.

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